Yale Students Covered Up Swastikas Found On Campus With A Mural Denouncing Hate

In response to the disturbing discovery of swastikas chalked outside of a Yale University freshman residence hall late Sunday night, students across the university have come together to hide the offensive graffiti under a colourful and uplifting mural denouncing hate.

The swastikas were found on a walkway outside Durfee Hall, which houses first year students in Morse College and is part of Yale’s Old Campus. According to a campus-wide email Monday from Jonathan Holloway, the Dean of Yale College, “Attempts were made to remove these troubling images, but some faint impressions remain.”

Students, however, found inspiration in a line from Holloway’s email — “there is no room for hate in this house” — and congregated outside Durfee Hall early Tuesday morning to support Yale’s Jewish community, The Yale Daily news reports. “A number of different campus groups, ranging from Students Unite Now to the Yale Track and Field Team, affixed their names to the mural,” according to the student newspaper.

Check out the mural that Yale students created to cover up the swastikas:

Post by Kyle Yoder .

You can see more of the chalkings in the picture below:

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