Yale Just Threw Down A Cringeworthy Challenge To Harvard

Each year, the annual Harvard-Yale football game prompts some serious trash-talking from both Ivy League universities.

Their rivalry is one of the most heated and enduring in college football history.

Frankly, the Harvard student comedy group On Harvard Time has been killing it as of late, in terms of hilarious viral videos that poke fun at its nemesis. Last year, the group epically pranked Yale by giving fake campus tours to unsuspecting prospective students.

Yale University Harvard Students Tour PrankScreenshot Via YouTubeOn Harvard Time senior correspondent Sam Clark leads an unsuspecting group of Yale visitors around campus.

Sam Clark, senior correspondent for On Harvard Time, tells Business Insider that the groups’ 2014 “Beat Yale” video will premiere this Wednesday, before Saturday’s kickoff. He also says that this year, Yale has retaliated — in digital form — for the first time ever.

The Yale College Council, the school’s student government body, released a parody video on Sunday that serves as a rebuttal to On Harvard Time’s rebukes. It is, I’m afraid, supremely unfunny.

The video opens with a montage of historic images: man landing on the moon, Michael Jordan dunking a basketball, Moses parting the red seas. A somber voice booms, “History is written by the winners. And between Yale and Harvard, the winner is clear.”

A photo of Yale taking home its first NCAA hockey title splashes on screen. A photo of the football team would seem like a more natural fit, but the school hasn’t won the big game since 2006.

Beat yale video, yale college councilYouTube/Yale College CouncilYale took home the NCAA hockey title in 2013.

The narrator then says, “Yale students are more attractive than Harvard students.” An image of “Fast and Furious” star and Yale alumna Jordana Brewster appears beside Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg, who runs one of the biggest tech companies in the world and has a net worth of $US32.6 billion.

Yale college council, prank yale, videoYouTube/Yale College CouncilJordana Brewster v. Mark Zuckerberg.

“Yale actually has a mascot,” the narrator says, as an image of Yale’s Handsome Dan bulldog and a block of Harvard Crimson display on screen. It’s a moderate burn.

Beat yale video, yale college councilYouTube/Yale College CouncilHandsome Dan v. Harvard Crimson.

The video boldly notes that Yale has won the annual game more times (according to Wikipedia, Yale leads with 65 wins to 57), but skips over the fact that Harvard has won the last seven years.

Yale College Council President Michael Herbert fades on screen, wearing a blue silk boxing robe and gloves.

“Every other year, Harvard hosts the game. And it is terrible,” Herbert says, addressing Harvard Undergraduate Council President Gus Mayopoulas. “When you come to Yale, we show you a good time. But there’s nothing to do in Harvard. It is a graveyard of dreams.”

(Does he not realise where Harvard is located?)

Herbert continues, “But talk is cheap. So this year, I challenge you to a boxing match for our school’s honour the night before the game.”


On Harvard Times correspondent Sam Clark tells us that Mayopoulas, who happens to be his roommate, does not plan on accepting the challenge. We’ll update this post when we receive comment from Mayopoulas.

Watch the video below.

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