Yale Law Students Refuse To Participate In 'Most Impressive' Students List

Yale Law School graduationYale Law School students at graduation in 2006.

Business Insider recently tried to create a list of Yale Law’s most impressive students, but outraged students banded together to thwart us.

To create the list, which came after a similar BI feature of Harvard Law students, we reached out to the heads of Yale Law student groups for nominations.

Little did we know that this kind of “resume porn” would prove so offensive to students at America’s best law school.

Here’s the pitch that irked so many Yale students:

We are looking for people with interesting accomplishments, strong leadership on campus, fascinating life stories, or anything else you think is incredible and noteworthy.

Here’s one response we got:

Thanks, but no thanks. I understand what you guys are trying to do and I’m sure it’s very good for BI’s business, but your project strikes me as against the community spirit of Yale Law School, so I’d rather not participate.

Here’s another:

Every one of my classmates at Yale Law School has been a true exemplar of leadership and accomplishment, and there are more fascinating life stories here than I can count. As such, I am not comfortable distinguishing people for a most impressive feature, and indeed one of the strengths of YLS and its culture is the high calibre of each student in attendance.

One student student told other students on a school listserv to “Watch out!” Another suggested giving us bogus names. Another called for a “boycott” — and apparently his classmates complied.

Except for a few positive responses, we got nowhere.

This reaction seems peculiar to Yale Law, as we got nothing but positive responses when contacting students at Harvard Law, Harvard Business School and various undergraduate colleges.

Yale Law promotes itself as a place where “a spirit of collaboration reigns.” Students don’t get grades there, as all classes are honours/pass/low pass. They are all the most impressive.

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