Yahoo’s Top Mobile Exec Quits


Yahoo’s top mobile exec Marco Boerries will leave the company. The EVP for the Connected Device Division joined Yahoo with the acquisition of VerdiSoft in 2005.

Since Marco also sold a company to Sun Microsystems in 1999, the thinking is that he’s made his money and has little incentive to stick around and report to a new boss, CEO Carol Bartz, who might not let him be as freewheeling as the old boss, Jerry Yang, let him be.

In an email obtained by BoomTown, Marco explains his depature and highlights his Yahoo accomplishments:

From: Marco Boerries
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2009 12:06:30 PM
Subject: Personal Update


with a very heavy heart I have to tell you, that I will be leaving Yahoo!

Most of you know about my personal situation, the “living in 2 continents” and the importance of my family to me. I cannot reconcile these personal needs, my future plans and ambitions and Yahoo! anymore. And that’s why it is time to say good bye.

I had four extremely interesting, exciting and mostly fun years at Yahoo! in which we developed and gained a leadership position in Mobile against all odds and are about to do the same for the Connected TV space. And most importantly I got to work with an incredible team: YOU!!!

I will never forget the time we had together, the launches, the keynote preparations, the off sites and of course the product and business reviews. It has not always been easy, and we have not always done everything right.

But we have achieved amazing things together and I am very grateful for your trust in me and the hard work and dedication you all put in so we could achieve some very amazing things that I am so proud of:

* setting the standards for great device experience with Yahoo! Go 2.0 in 2007 for feature phones
* putting us on the map with oneSearch and delivering answers, not just web links to our consumers
* winning in the mobile search distribution race by signing over 70 operator partners worldwide, that can deliver close to 1 billion subscribers in 2009 that we have the potential to convert into oneSearch’ers
* winning ATT, T-Mobile and Virgin and therefore the US mobile search distribution race and by doing so, leaving Google and Microsoft with the rest to divide up among themselves
* creating a scalable mobile platform with Blueprint and Blueprint Classic for 1000s of devices
* making and exceeding our OCF Goals every single quarter

And last but not least Yahoo! mobile “Your Starting Point to the Internet” in my opinion our best and most important product to date, especially the app version for smartphones. I demo’ed it to Walt Mossberg at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, who simply said: “I like it… I really like it!” What more can we ask for ?


Please keep this very confidential and do not share until the official announcement later this week!