Yahoo's Share Of All Search Advertisers Drops 36% in Q4 (YHOO)

After holding steady for most of 2008, Yahoo’s share of all search engine advertisers dropped like a rock in October, November and December — plummeting from 30.4% to 19.4% at the end of Q4, according to search marketing firm AdGooroo.

Microsoft, meanwhile, added to its share of advertisers, closing the gap with Yahoo (YHOO) from 17.6% in Q3 to 3% in Q4. Google (GOOG), of course, continued to utterly dominate.

Careful making too much of these numbers, which you’ll notice do not start with dollar signs.

Microsoft (MSFT) can gain as many advertisers as it wants, but if they’re all spending a fraction of what they spend on Google, it won’t matter one bit.

That being said, it can’t be good for Yahoo to have lost so much of it share — especially at a time when we’re sure its display business is taking a beating due to the poor economy.

Here’s a four step plan Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock should follow if wants to stop the slide.

  1. Pick up the phone.
  2. Dial Steve.
  3. Say you’re sorry.
  4. Profit.

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