Yahoo's Scott Moore Explains Strategy

Last event of the day at the FOBM, and things are getting a little testy: Rafat promises it will all be over soon.

Last panel is supposed to be made up of “Disruptors”
Patrick Spain, CEO of HighBeam Research
David Jackson, CEO of
Scott Moore, SVP Yahoo News, Information
Drew Lipsher, partner in PaidContent investor Greycroft and….
Rafat Ali

Rafat wants to know if transcripts are biggest traffic drivers at SeekingAlpha. No, says David Jackson. It’s opinions and commentary, and packaging it with transcripts helps…

Scott Moore: Yahoo Finance got there early, and helped create category. To stay relevant, we want to be the partner of choice¬† — they have deals with both PaidContent and Seeking Alpha. (Not sure what means other than we control a lot of traffic, but nothing wrong with saying that).

David Jackson: The idea that value of blogs and other online content is that they’re created by amateurs is wrong. The valuable stuff is made by smart and opinionated people and we help aggregate them.

Staci: Hey boss (Rafat) — we have a lot of competition. How are you going to take advantage of your first-mover status? We’re going to break the most stories. As long as we’re good at that, we’re ok. Also, we’re in a really lucrative intersection of industries: media, finance, technology.

Scott Moore explains new changes and coming changes to Yahoo. Recent: Drag and drop charts. Streaming quotes. Easier to look up tickers. New stuff: Can’t say, but here’s a hint – video, w/in the next month or so.

We’ve moved into a more ethereal conversation about who and what can be a disruptor: Rafat and David Jackson can, because they started their companies without meaning to start companies. Scott Moore can’t be, according to this line of thinking, because he works at Yahoo (and prior to that, Microsoft). Staci Kramer is in a tough spot here. This panel needs someone with a sharp stick to prod it, and even if Staci were so inclined, she’d be poking her boss and one of her investors. Still, hats off to Rafat and crew for filling a day with worthwhile chatter — no easy feat — and turning a one-man blog into a business.

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