Yahoos Respond To CEO's Explanation: "We've All Lost Trust In Him. Period."

Yahoo employees

Photo: Flickr/Laughing Squid

Yesterday, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson began explaining to employees why, for years, his public bio said he had a degree in computer science when in fact he does not.He said that he hasn’t used a resume in years, and that the false information probably got on his bio after he gave an interview to an executive-placement firm.

The board of directors is still deciding whether or not to can Thompson for this transgression.

One factor will be how employees are reacting to Thompson’s explanation: Will they allow him to continue to be their leader?

From the employees we’ve talked to, the answer seems to be “no.”

“Not even for half a second,” says one employee.

“His explanation has so many holes in it, he could use it as a sieve. The ‘out of deference to the reporter’ part is the most laughable one of all—if you listen to the audio of the interview, he doesn’t even attempt to change the topic, but rather goes on lying. I think the poll for your latest post on SAI speaks for itself—77 per cent say he’s lying and should be fired…. I wouldn’t be surprised if some very senior people at Yahoo voted in on this.”

Another employee says that Yahoos even had a sort of informal vote about Thompson, and he did not do well.

“When they posted his apology letter on our internal employee site, two employees commented on it publicly that he needs to go and there are a LOT more thumbs up than thumbs down on the comments.

“We’ve lost all trust in him. Period. No excuse will be good enough.”

One sentiment we’ve heard over and over is that Yahoos believe if they were to would be fired for an inaccurate degree on their resumes, then so should he.

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