Yahoo's New Strategy: The Old Strategy

Aside from trimming businesses, cutting costs, and launching a $100 million marketing campaign this morning, how has Yahoo’s strategy changed under CEO Carol Bartz’s leadership?

Carol’s answer at Yahoo’s big press conference today: It hasn’t.

 Photos from the event →

Yahoo continues to evolve, sure, but mostly it’s still the place people went 14 years ago to see Jerry Yang and David Filo’s directory of links from around the Web.

So, yes, the goal for Yahoo is to continue to be the consumer’s start page on the Internet.

The reason? Outside of Silicon Valley and New York, people love Yahoo the way it is.

Carol said all that and a lot more responding to our question at the press conference: “Are those of us in the press too obsessed with knowing what the big change at Yahoo is?”

Here’s Carol explaining that Yahoo is what it always was, just evolved:

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