Yahoo's New Music Boss Needs To Call Pandora Right Now

Jeff Bronikowski

Yahoo has hired former Universal Music Group SVP Jeff Bronikowski to be its new head of Yahoo Music, Billboard reports.

Jeff told Billboard that Yahoo “has declined a bit from its prominence as the No. 1 music destination, I think there are tremendous assets there and Yahoo is committed to making it a premier music destination again.”

Right now, Yahoo Music is a music videos plus streaming music site “powered” by CBS Radio. It all feels very static.

If we’re Jeff, one of the first things we do is figure out a deal with Pandora, which finds listeners new music based on songs they already know, or Spotify, Europe’s beloved music-sharing service.

Then we promote the hell out of the deal on Yahoo’s front page — a place where Yahoo should be training its users to looking the latest TV, music and games that they’ll love.

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