Yahoo Could Pay Marissa Mayer $117 Million Over Five Years*


Marissa MayerI’ll take it!

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Update: We did the maths with a Yahoo PR rep on the line, and it sounds like if you pro-rate this year’s compensation, the total amount Mayer can make is something like $117 million.

Earlier: New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s base salary will be $1 million, according to her offer letter, which Yahoo just filed with the SEC. She can triple that with her bonus, and add another $2 million with stretch targets.

If Mayer stays for five years, she can potentially get $25 million in base salary and bonus.

In November of this year, she will also get about $12 million worth of stock—in grants and options—that vests over the next three years.

In following years—though this will depend on the company’s performance—the board expects to award her with at least $12 million in stock grants a year. Over the next five years, that could be $60 million or more. (Or less, if things don’t go well.)

Yahoo will also give Mayer $14 million worth of stock “to partially compensate” her for “forfeiture of compensation from her previous employer.”  

She’s also getting a one-time $30 million stock grant that will vest over three years.

Total: $141 million.

That’s a lot (even for a lady who already has $300 million). And you thought Carol Bartz got a good deal.

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