Yahoos, Meet Your Microsoft Search Overlord (CLIP)

Satya Nadella

The Yahoo (YHOO) search engineers that survive that company’s coming layoffs have a new boss. His name is Satya Nadella.

He’s SVP of R&D for Microsoft’s (MSFT) online division and he wants search to read your mind.

BoomTown’s Kara Swisher sat down with Satya for an interview and recorded this clip. We took time-stamped notes and pasted them below. Watch:

0:47 Mission for now: Stay the course in building the paid search platform
1:37, The mission that the Yahoo team was on continues. There’s some organizational changes, but the core passion that continues.
2:38, It’s a game of scale. We don’t have that today and it hampers ad quality.
3:32, We have to build an alternative, there’s nothing stopping us from growing share.
5:08, Science has to match fancy Ask-like user-experience.
5:41, Big challenge is going from query to real intent. Also real-time search.
6:12, Trying to build a mind-reader. Chip in the head is too far afield.
7:43, He’s gotten hooked on to the Kindle.

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