Yahoo's HR boss changed his mind about leaving the company after having a dream where he was talking to Marissa Mayer

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Yahoo’s HR boss Sandy Gould has flipflopped on his decision to leave Yahoo, after saying he needed to take a break just a few weeks ago.

Instead, he will return in a new role called the Head of Culture, Coaching and Communicating, according to a person close to the situation.

Gould’s sudden change of mind, which was previously reported by the New York Post, comes as a bit of a surprise. In late March, Gould wrote in an internal email that he decided to leave Yahoo because it was “time to take a break and decide my next adventure,” according to Re/code’s Kara Swisher.

The Post repoted that Gould changed his mind after Mayer made a “multimillion dollar” retention offer. The report, citing unnamed sources, said that Mayer made the counter offer after finding out Gould was leaving to join a company she “resents.” It didn’t say which company tried to poach Gould, or how big the new offer from Yahoo was.

But a person close to the situation tells us it was Gould who approached Mayer with the idea of staying at Yahoo, not the other way around. In fact, Gould claims that his decision to stay at Yahoo was partly because of a dream in which he was talking to Marissa Mayer, according to a Tumblr post he wrote last week.

Here’s the full post:

I have always loved developing talent and unleashing superpowers. It’s been an honour to lead recruiting at Yahoo. Over the last few year, at Bryan’s urging, I focused more on leadership activation and building our culture and management capability. Through this experience I realised I wanted my next chapter to focus even more on those dimensions.

A few months ago I decided to leave Yahoo so I could find that next opportunity to focus. Additionally, after recruiting thousands of amazing people alongside my team the last three years, I was pretty tired.

Once I found a great successor for Recruiting inside the company, the pressure was off and I could rest and recharge. Bryan suggested I say goodbye to the NY and LA teams in person — they are used to seeing me regularly for candid conversations. While talking with the NY team someone asked who would keep them informed and connected, the way I have the last few years. I thought: this could be great!

The opportunity to help this amazing passionate community advance this important mission was a lightning strike of inspiration. I didn’t want to miss the next chapter of this epic story. This role focuses on functions critical to moving the company and culture forward.

I literally had a dream that night where I was discussing the new role with Marissa while reviewing offers. The next morning I called Bryan and opened with: “You are going to think I am crazy…”

So what are the next steps? My husband and I will be moving to NY over the summer! And in my new role I will focus on amplifying our culture by ensuring offices are informed and connected, enjoying fun team experiences, have strong leadership, and are included in key experiences like internal mobility and other talent growth opportunities.

I will continue to focus on coaching key leaders and emerging talent. I will also partner with PR, the Cabinet and Marketing to ensure clear and aligned internal communications across the company. I am thrilled to start the next adventure while continuing with an old friend.


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