Yahoos Go To Revenue-Rich Zynga

Zynga founder Mark Pincus

Mark Pincus’s social gaming startup Zynga says it’s hired five new people.

Two of them ex-Yahoos: former associate general counsel Reggie Davis and SVP of search Vish Makhijani. Two others are former EA execs, Colleen McCreary and Mike Verdu. They’ll be chief people officer and president of game development, respectively.

The fifth hire is a new senior vice president of business operations Robert Goldberg, who Inside Social Games says has “25+ years of senior management experience in media, e-commerce, enterprise software, and venture capital firms.”

The big picture here is that Zynga — which will, amazingly, sell $100 million worth of virtual goods this year — is turning into a real business and top talent is paying attention. We are too.

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