Yahoo (YHOO): VP Jacki Kelley Gone. Jumped or Pushed?

Kara Swisher publishes a memo revealing that another senior Yahoo exec is headed out the door: VP of Sales Strategy Jacki Kelley, who Kara says is set to join Yahoo alum Wenda Harris Millard at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  CMO Cammie Dunaway announced her departure a week or so back, and Kara also says other departures are imminent.

From the outside, it looks as though the entire senior management team is fleeing a sinking ship.  Interestingly, however, we have heard that these departures are actually new CEO Jerry Yang cleaning house in his own quiet way.  We know little about the actual performance of the dearly departed, but we would regard a house-cleaning as a good sign.  It’s time more executives than Terry Semel and the head of Yahoo Finance were held accountable for Yahoo’s fecklessness over the past three years.

All insights appreciated (Comments or or confidential background to [email protected] or [email protected])

UPDATE: A reader reports that Jacki quit primarily because she was sick of commuting to Sunnyvale from NYC.  And who can blame her?

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