Yahoo (YHOO): Icahn Ramps Pressure, Vows To Get Jerry Yang Fired

From Silicon Alley Insider: Now it’s official: Carl Icahn has said publicly that he wants to get Yahoo (YHOO) co-founder Jerry Yang fired as CEO for blowing off Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Like most of Icahn’s public statements, this one is carefully designed…to increase the pressure on Yahoo’s board and Jerry Yang. The last thing Icahn wants to do is actually go through a nail-biting proxy fight, especially with no plan as to how to run the company if he wins (sacking the CEO is only the first step. Who’s going to run Yahoo after Jerry goes? Frank Biondi?). So far better if Carl can scare Yahoo / Jerry into a deal BEFORE the shareholder meeting. Thus the usually artful Icahn rhetoric in the WSJ

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