Yahoo VP Of Engineering Out

Yahoos Quit

Yahoo vice president of engineering Goerge Goldenberg is leaving the company, a source briefed on the news tells us.

Yahoo declined to comment.

Our source described Goldenberg as one of Yahoo product boss Blake Irving’s senior engineering leaders. According to a second source, Goldenberg did not report directly to Irving, however.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Goldenberg specialises in ad-serving systems, algorithms, mechanism design, “data processing systems in the context of web analytics and data driven applications,” and someting called “VLDB query processing.”

Also on LinkedIn, a former colleauge of Goldenberg’s says of him: “I worked with George at the IBM Almaden Research Lab. George is an incredibly gifted technical architect. He sees the immediate needs of a project as well as its broader goals, a rare blend that’s hard to find in today’s world. I would recommend George to anyone.”

Our source speculates that Goldenberg is quitting because he’s unhappy with Yahoo’s board choice for a new CEO, former PayPal president Scott Thompson. We were unable to reach Goldenberg to confirm this.

We’d guess he’s leaving because he’s been at Yahoo since 2000, and that is FOREVER out in Silicon Valley.

We keep hearing other Yahoos are on their way out the door. If you’re hearing the same, reach us at [email protected] or 646 376 6014.