Yahoo Video Topper Quits After Layoffs Wipe Out His Staff


Satish Menon, the Yahoo VP in charge of video infrastructure, software and advertising, will quit the company, NewTeeVee reports.

Satish leaves after Yahoo (YHOO) reportedly laid off 20 to 25 people from the Video team in early May. He says his next venture will “introduce community into online education using online social tools.

After those early May layoffs, NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes posted a scathing review of Yahoo’s video efforts till now:

Yahoo’s various video projects have not fared particularly well. Recently, it shut down live-streaming service Yahoo Live as well as web video-editing service Jumpcut, which it had acquired in 2006. Its original content initiatives have been stop-and-go. Flickr held off on adding video until only a year ago, and restricts video uploads to the point they can only be an afterthought to photos. Another acquisition, video delivery platform Maven Networks, has been left to pasture (though it still appears to power video for sites like Fox News), despite a $160 million purchase price. [We] skewered a Yahoo Video redesign of a year ago for failing to connect the dots of all of Yahoo’s video assets.

Despite all that — and in what can only be a tribute to its massive userbase — metrics firm Nielsen says Yahoo remains among the top three video streamers, though Yahoo’s 200,000 streams in April were a far way off from YouTube’s 5.4 million. Here’s that chart:


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