Yahoo Upgrades Mail, Messenger, And Search

Yahoo (YHOO) announced a series of upgrades to its Mail, Messenger and Search properties today.

The changes were a part of what Yahoo product boss Ari Balogh called a “focus on enabling people to connect with what matters to them most.”

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We’re just happy to see Yahoo finally upgrade its most important product of all: Mail. Yahoo Mail users come to the site several times a day and they fuel the Yahoo homepage’s massive traffic.

Only a week ago, SAI’s Dan Frommer wrote:

While Yahoo Mail still has impressive market share, it has lost all mindshare. There was a point when getting a email address was cool. Now it bears the prestige and excitement of lunch at McDonald’s.

Upgrades to mail include new social features, a new design, integrated third-party apps, and better photo-sharing. The most notable Messenger upgrade is free video chatting. The changes to Search remain in testing.

Yahoo provided us with a series of screenshots to demonstrate how they’ve upgraded each service.

Click through to see them paired with text from Yahoo’s press release on the upgrades

Yahoo Mail Upgrades, Part II

From Yahoo's press release:

Enhanced Photo Sharing -- New multi-select and drag-and-drop functionality makes it dramatically easier to attach more photos to e-mail, view thumbnail previews and rotate pictures (available in New Yahoo! Mail).

Yahoo Mail Upgrades Part III

From Yahoo's press release:

E-mail, On the Go -- A new Yahoo! Mail experience for the mobile phone makes it easier than ever for people to stay on top of their e-mail with one-click access to check, compose, and search e-mail. Additionally, support for downloading attachments such as Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and photos has been added, as well as the ability to access personal folders. Enhancements will be accessible on more than 400 devices with HTML browsers by visiting, beginning with the Safari browser today and additional devices planned for September 1.

Yahoo Search Upgrades, Part I

Yahoo Search Upgrades, Part II

From Yahoo's press release:

Search Assist Expansion -- Yahoo!'s popular real-time query suggestion engine, Search Assist, has been introduced to the search box on every Yahoo! page in the U.S. with the launch of a new universal header. This new header unifies key design and navigation elements, with links to popular Yahoo! destinations such as My Yahoo!, Finance, News, Sports, Mail and the Yahoo! homepage.

Yahoo Search Upgrades, Part III

The new Yahoo! Search page with rich ads in search results.

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