Yahoo had its holiday party inside its offices, and it was the opposite of last year's lavish extravaganza

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. Image: Getty

Yahoo’s year-end holiday party was once a big flashy event, with last year’s Roaring 20’s-themed party costing millions of dollars.

But this year, Yahoo made it decidedly low key, hosting the event at its offices in Sunnyvale and New York instead (last year’s was at Pier 48 in San Francisco).

The event, aptly called “Ultimate House Party,” turned Yahoo’s office space into a giant party venue, featuring an open bar, a dance floor, and lots of good food, based on the photos seen at this Flickr page created by Yahoo.

The toned-down atmosphere seems particularly appropriate given the difficult situation Yahoo’s currently in.

Despite agreeing to sell itself to Verizon in July, Yahoo has been awash in bad news over the past few months, including a massive hacking scandal that’s considered to be the biggest in history. Now, Verizon is even reported to be reconsidering the $4.8 billion price tag it agreed to pay for Yahoo.

Still, Yahoo employees seem to be dealing with the external turmoil pretty well. We’ve rounded up some pictures from Yahoo’s “Ultimate House Party” so you can see what it was like:

This year's holiday party was called the 'Ultimate House Party.'

The decorations were nothing like last year's party (seen below), which featured aerial flappers pouring drinks and roulette tables.

This year, guests had to find merriment in the reproduction of brick house facade.

Still, things were cute and colourful.

With lots of Christmas themed decorations.

And a nice little Christmas tree.

People seemed to really like this tub filled with champagne bottles.

But the champagne didn't last too long.

They went pretty fast.

There was still plenty of booze to go around.

Cotton candy anyone?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was there too.

Everyone wanted to take a picture with her.

Some people went straight to the dance floor.

People seemed to have a lot of fun.

There was a photo booth, too.

Some of our former Business Insider colleagues, now at Yahoo Finance, also took advantage of the photo booth.

The toned down manner of its holiday party shows Yahoo has really turned things around this year.

While it may not have been as fancy as last year's, it was still a great event.

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