Yahoo Staffs Up With More Poached Reporters

woman sign hire meWho will they hire next?

Yahoo News is on a hiring tear. Here’s a list of their most recent hires:

  • Michael Calderone, Politico’s media reporter
  • Jane Sasseen, former BusinessWeek Washington bureau chief (according to NYT)
  • Anna Robertson from ABC’s Good Morning America (NYT reports)
  • Chris Lehmann, former Book Forum editor and New York magazine writer
  • Brett Michael Dykes, Cajun Boy in the City blog writer and former Gawker editor/writer
  • Andrew Golis, former deputy editor of Talking Points Memo, came on in October.

Yahoo got into the original sports coverage game in June 2007 by staffing up with sports writers and acquiring sports blog network of The company continues to ramp up original content in an attempt to hunker down in their spot as the No. 1 news site (more than 43 million uniques in February, according to comScore) and increase revenues. 

Sounds familiar. But we hear some AOL insiders think their content strategy is a mess.

As we told you yesterday, Yahoo might be able to solve its limited growth and profitability problem if it just admitted it’s a media company and merged with AOL. They could keep the best media properties from both sides, cut redundant staff (starting with ad sales) and put a smart person at the head of the company, like AOL’s current CEO Tim Armstrong.

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