Yahoo Severance Package: 2 Months Of Pay And Bonus?

carol bartz

Yahoos being let go today are going to get two months of pay and a bonus as a severance package according to a Yahoo employee. 

Some Yahoo jobs are being moved to India. And some of the people that were let go hadn’t been with the company for over a year, we’re hearing.

For employees that stay on long enough to help the transition overseas, they’ll get 3 months of pay and a bonus as a severance, says our source.

Has anyone else at Yahoo heard about the severance package? If so, let us know in the comments, on email at [email protected], or at our anonymous tips line here.

UPDATE: We’re hearing that the 2 months severance bit is standard. And we’re also hearing that if any Yahoo employee talks about the package with anyone other than family, they lose it.

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