Yahoo Search Execs Keep Fleeing To Microsoft

Yahoo search vet Jan Pedersen has been named chief scientist of Kumo Microsoft Live Search, PaidContent reports.

He’s the latest in a series of former Yahoo (YHOO) search exec to make the jump to Microsoft (MSFT).

Others include:

  • Qi Lu, now head of Microsoft Online
  • Former Yahoo’s VP of Search Technology Sean Suchter
  • Yahoo Labs brainiac Larry Heck

Microsoft has a closed-doors effort to overhaul its search engine already underway, code-named Kumo. (“Kumo” might be the new brand for Microsoft search, but Steve Ballmer hates the name.)

Of course, the Yahoo execs now at Microsoft are the same crew that saw Yahoo bleed market share to in search Google (GOOG) over the course of years. The best engineers will only get Microsoft so far in the search game.

What Microsoft search really needs:

  • A better brand
  • New distribution deals like the ones the company recently announced with Verizon (VZ) and Dell (DELL)
  • And maybe, finally, a deal with Yahoo to combine forces against Google.

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