Yahoo's Sales Boss Doesn't Start For Another Month*

Marissa mayer

Photo: Flickr/Eirikso

Now that Yahoo’s Chief Revenue Officer Michael Barrett is out, the company is going to have a big hole in its operations for the next month.Marissa Mayer is replacing Barrett with Henrique De Castro, but because he’s disentangling himself from Google, De Castro will not start at Yahoo until next month, Kara Swisher at All Things D reports.

Initially, Swisher reported De Castro wouldn’t start until next year. That would have been really bad for Yahoo’s sales team.

We’ve heard repeatedly that Yahoo’s sales people are “sitting on their hands” and “adrift.”  As a result of this idleness, Yahoo could lose $200 million in revenue for the second half of this year, and it might even flirt with being unprofitable.

It’s a good thing De Castro will be able to start in November. The sooner he gets in and organizes the sales group the better.

Update: This story originally said De Castro might not start until next year. Since news broke that he starts next month we updated the story.

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