Yahoo's Historical Hit: The Obamas On Election Night

Barack Obama’s longtime campaign photographer David Katz took 82 pictures of the soon-to-be first family on election night. Later, Katz uploaded them to Yahoo’s (YHOO) photo-sharing site, Flickr. Gawker’s Ryan Tate puts it in perspective:

In some prior election year, the behind-the-scenes footage of a president-elect’s first moments might have been captured by a photographer for, say, Life, or at least distributed through a glossy magazine like that. It must have been some small comfort to Barack Obama to be able to rely instead on a longtime photographer of his own, David Katz, at such an intimate moment, and at such a tender one, a day after the death of his grandmother. As for distribution? Photography’s bridge to the 21st century, Flickr.

Of course, Yahoo isn’t making any money off this — when we’re lucky enough to get the photos to load, we’re not seeing any ads.Go see the best shots at Gawker. We’ve embedded the entire set as a slideshow below.

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