Yahoo beats earnings expectations, stock goes nowhere

Marissa MayerTechCrunchYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo’s Q1 earnings report, likely the last one before the Verizon acquisition closes, is a beat.

First, the scorecard:

Net Revenue (excluding traffic acquisition costs): $US833.8 million vs. $US814 million expected

EPS (adjusted): $US0.18 vs. $US0.14 expected

Yahoo’s stock was mostly flat in after-hours trading.

This marks the end of an era for Yahoo. After the Verizon deal closes, Marissa Mayer will step down as CEO with a severance package worth about $US23 million.

Yahoo will then combine with AOL, which is also owned by Verizon, and the combined company will be called Oath. (Yes, that’s the real name.) Oath will be the parent company while the AOL and Yahoo brands live on for stuff like news, email, and other media Oath can sell digital ads against.

Get the latest Yahoo stock price here.

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