Reminder: Yahoo Is Still No. 1 In Mail, News, Sports, And Entertainment

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Watching the developing battle between Microsoft and Google over operating systems and search market share, it’s easy to forget that Yahoo is kicking rear in its own ways too.

Fortunately, there’s GigaOM to remind us that the second most popular search company is still first in news and mail, and has other enviable web properties:

News. Yahoo News is the top news and information site in the U.S. The site has 50 million unique readers, beating the New York Times by 5 million.

Yahoo Finance. The site gets more than 20 million unique visitors.

Yahoo Sports. The site is the No.1 in sports with 25 million uniques and beats ESPN by 4 million.

OMG! Yahoo’s OMG! is the No.1 entertainment site, with more than double the traffic as TMZ, its closest competitor.

Yahoo Games. The site ties for the top spot with EA Online. Both had more than 19 million uniques.

Yahoo Mail. Yahoo rules Web mail with two-third of the market share.

Flickr, Answers, Music, TV and Movies hold their own in those categories.

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