Future Law Student Had No Clue What She Was Walking Into Until She Talked To Yahoo

Yahoo! News handed out some invaluable advice to a politics-hopeful considering law school.

Kaitlyn, 22, graduated from the University of Oregon and majored in political science. She dreams of working in politics and saw law school as the best option for her career.

But finance expert Farnoosh Torabi all but shot down those aspirations when she hit Kaitlyn with just how much money she’ll be spending on her education — on top of the $40,000 in loans she already has from her undergraduate education.

Law school can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $120,000. So make sure that when you graduate, you can cover that cost. Torabi advised only taking out about one-third to one-half of your first-year salary in loans.

“Hearing these numbers it makes me feel like I’m about to walk myself into my own grave,” Kaitlyn said after receiving the bad news.

Legal industry blog Above The Law slammed Kaitlyn’s naiveté, calling Torabi’s advice “brilliant.”

Watch Torabi explain to Kaitlyn why a very expensive education with no guarantees of success might not be the best option:

 Paul Campos, author of “Insider the Law School Scam” told Business Insider the law school bubble is worse than the mortgage crisis, saying unemployed law school grads don’t stand a chance of discharging their debt.

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