Here's The App Yahoo Made After Buying A 17-Year-Old's Company For $US30 Million

Nick D'AloisioREUTERS/Suzanne PlunkettNick D’Alosio, who sold his company to Yahoo for $US30 million.

Yahoo unveiled another new app at CES this week called Yahoo News Digest. The program was created in part by Nick D’Alosio, the 17-year-old developer who sold his company Summly to Yahoo for $US30 million.

Yahoo News Digest delivers bite-sized chunks of news called “digests” to your phone every morning and evening. Each news item is accompanied by what Yahoo calls “Atoms,” which add additional context to stories like tweets, videos, and stock tickers.

Users will only receive up to nine main stories per day and the app tracks your reading status. Once you finish the digest, Yahoo’s app will alert you that you’ve reached the limit.

You can download it for the iPhone here.

Once you activate the app, it'll take you through a few screens explaining the system.

Digests will be delivered twice a day to your phone.

After you finish reading the essential rules for the app, launch it and start reading.

Here's the main page for the news today. Tap the story to start reading.

This is the layout for the article. Swipe all the way down to the bottom.

These are Atoms. They could be tweets or older news stories that can add more context towards the article you're reading.

Scroll up and down to read every story in a digest.

Access another article in the digest and swipe left or right to read each article.

Digest stories will range from sports, tech, business and other prominent categories.

Every digest will consist of nine articles. This part of the app will alert you when you reached the limit.

Once you read the standard amount of stories, the app will produce a random news fact.

Once you finish reading the random fact, Yahoo News Digest will give you some extra news to read.

Here's the ticker for digest delivery. The clock will countdown until the next time you get a digest delivered.

You'll be able to go back to the previous day and view those two digests.

Yahoo has another new app you have to check out.

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