Yahoo Mail Tops The List Of The 15 Most Popular Windows 8 Apps

Even though 60% of Windows 8 users pretty much spend all their time with Windows 7 apps, there’s still enough native Windows 8 apps in use to name the most popular ones.

So finds new research from Soluto, a startup that helps people remotely manage Windows devices. It looked at 10,848 Windows 8 machines running 9,634 unique Metro apps launched 313,142 times to determine which apps are used most frequently.

The Yahoo Mail Windows 8 app wins. This is “surprising because Microsoft’s default preinstalled Mail app supports Yahoo, but it’s used one-sixth as much as Yahoo! Mail’s app,” Soluto’s market research director Doreen Levy told Business Insider.

Here’s the full list along with how many times a week the app is typically used:

  1. Yahoo! Mail (by Yahoo!) 26.91 average uses per week — an app that lets you read email from your Yahoo account.
  2. Social Jogger (CyberLink) 25.98 — an app that offers one-touch access to Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.
  3. Social Networks (CyberLink) 21.19 — an app for accessing social networks.
  4. Lync MX (Microsoft) 9.98 — an app for using Microsoft’s enterprise instant messaging/web conferencing app Lync.
  5. Windows Communications Apps (Microsoft) 4.40 — the baked-in Mail, People, Messaging and Calendar apps.
  6. to-dos (gindasoft) 3.21 — a task management app.
  7. Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Microsoft) 2.13 — a bunch of Solitaire games for Windows 8.
  8. Spider Solitaire HD (Bernardo Zamora) 2.11 — a well-known variant of the Solitaire game.
  9. Solitaire HD (Bernardo Zamora) 1.87 — yeah, more Solitaire.
  10. iHeartRadio (Clear Channel Management Services) 1.68 — Internet radio.
  11. Windows Photos (Microsoft) 1.59 — a photo management app.
  12. JewelFever (Sprakelsoft UG) 1.55 — a puzzle game.
  13. IM (SHAPE GmbH) 1.54 — a widely used mobile IM app.
  14. Microsoft Mahjong (Microsoft) 1.45 —another classic game.
  15. iStunt2 (Miniclip SA) 1.43 — a popular snowboard simulation game.

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