Third Yahoo M&A Boss Quits In Two Years

carol bartz

Yahoo’s head of M&A, Taylor Barada, is leaving for Zynga, Kara Swisher at All Things D reports.

This is the second head of M&A Yahoo has lost in the last year. Previously, Andrew Siegel left Yahoo to move back to his family in New York and work for Conde Nast parent company Advance Publications.

Prior to Siegel, Yahoo’s M&A boss was Greg Mrva. He left in the fall of 2009.

Leading M&A at Yahoo isn’t the best job in the world right now. It can’t spend big bucks on sexy acquisitions, and it has trouble convincing companies to join Yahoo.

For instance, Yahoo couldn’t close the deal on buying Foursquare last year. It also rejected by Groupon after making a low ball offer.

On the plus side … Yahoo is about to dump Yahoo Japan, so it might have a pile of cash to play with for whoever takes over the M&A gig.

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