Yahoo Has A New Safari-Killer For Your iPad

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Yahoo! announced last night the launch of its new app dubbed Axis, available for iPhone, iPad, and plug-ins that work with Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

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The company didn’t completely forget about the Android OS either. CNET says that the browser for that system is in work.

We tested out the app and it does feel pretty unique and intuitive. Search was fast, and the ability to add pages to a read it later list is an awesome feature that we wished more browsers implemented.

Instead of just strictly searching for results and then redirecting you to the iPad’s native Safari, Yahoo has taken the extra step out and lets you do everything in one place. It’s easy to tell that Yahoo really thought about the end user and how they would use the app.

You can download the app for free here.


Tap the app to start. Yahoo chose a new app icon for this one and it looks pretty cool.

The app greets you with a few instructions. You can type in a search query or a website. If you pull the page down you can get information about your search results at any time.

Here is what that looks like. Yahoo gives users a lot of control over their search result and the app is very interactive.

Here is the Yahoo site optimised for tablets. Looks pretty good.

The search also predicts what you're typing and gives you different results based on your query.

The BI site on the browser.

Easily share results by email, tweeting, pinning the page so that it shows up when you open the app, or go back to the Yahoo homepage.

If you tap the white banner at the top right corner, you get a list of your favourites. Yahoo also included a read it later column with live updating, pretty impressive.

Tabbed browsing is a must. It's very easy to switch between open sites.

The settings option allows you to log in to your Yahoo account, lets you pick a default view of sites, and a host of other tweaks.

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