Yahoo Investor Gordon Crawford Still Pissed At Jerry Yang, May Hold Out Vote (YHOO)

Now that Yahoo has settled with Carl Icahn, there’s no proxy battle drama left for Friday’s annual meeting. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s back to being friends again: Gordon Crawford of Capital Research and Management — Yahoo’s second-largest shareholder — is still angry at Yahoo (YHOO) Chairman Roy Bostock and CEO Jerry Yang — and might not vote for them Friday, the New York Post reports:

The move will be largely symbolic — shareholders won’t be able to vote out board members because of the now-settled proxy contest with Icahn — but it sends yet another signal to the market that Yahoo! shareholders are not happy.

No surprise. Earlier this month, Crawford reportedly told Yang and co. that he would consider backing Icahn’s board slate if Yahoo couldn’t quickly get back to the table with Microsoft (MSFT).

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