As Yahoo Crumbles, Here's What Management Is Worrying About [LEAKED PRESENTATION]

yhoo presso

Photo: Yahoo Presentation

An enraged reader just sent us an internal slide deck from Yahoo! entitled “Corporate Identity.”The slides, produced by Yahoo’s corporate marketing team, appear to lay out plans for tweaking Yahoo’s logo and coming up with new labels for Yahoo’s cubicles.

While the slides are not exactly scandalous — someone does have to be responsible for logos — it’s certainly amusing that this is what Yahoo is doing while its actual “Corporate Identity” is getting trashed all over the Internet for firing 700 people, shutting down beloved products, and otherwise appearing to be a complete basket case.

Our reader feels even more strongly:

“Totally speechless — they keep coming up with this junk every year, and you can’t imagine how much time and effort goes into creating decks like these. This is truly sad, as this illustrates what Elisa [Steel, head of marketing] & co. are doing right after Y! having lost 700 people. It’s simply appalling!”

People outside of Yahoo are annoyed, too

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