Yahoo Hires Marketing Exec To Re-make Brand

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  • Yahoo hires a marketing exec to re-make its brand [BoomTown]
  • Michael Jackson goes back to the top of the charts [WSJ]
  • WSJ asks users if they’ll pay for an app [PaidContent]
  • China backs down on computer filter demands [Reuters]
  • VCs have invested $100 million in iPhone Apps [Wired]
  • YouTube’s new ad-format [SEL]
  • Stephen Colbert addresses Twitter rumour that Jeff Goldblum died [SEL]
  • Facebook tell-all ” is neither a hard-hitting analysis nor a shocking expose” [CNET]
  • What do to if you forgot to register a Facebook URL for your trademark [AdAge]
  • Gannett will lay off thousands today [Gawker]
  • The best press release of all time [Gawker]

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