Yahoo Employees Say They Want Stability, Vision — Can Mayer Deliver?

Yahoo employees are clear on what they want: stability in executive leadership, a clear vision for the future and the opportunity to innovate and help the ailing Web company to regain its former glory.

“One of the difficult situations at Yahoo was the lack of innovation at the upper management level and the multiple reorganizations,” a fulfillment manager for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company told CareerBliss in a company reviewin April.

The question is whether incoming CEO Marissa Mayer — Yahoo’s fifth CEO in less than a year – can deliver that stability and vision employees yearn for. Mayer, 37, most recently a VP at Google, is taking over the post most recently occupied by Scott Thompson who stepped down after discrepancies about his academic background came to light.

Here’s more of what Yahoo employees have told CareerBliss about the state of the company (all comments are from company reviews posted in 2012):

What don’t you like about working at Yahoo?

“CEO(s) have a lack of company vision and taking the company where it needs to go” – software engineer

“Having had 5 CEOs in the past 5 years and a constantly changing direction” – senior director

“They’re quick to pull the trigger and axe divisions as the CEO’s change quite often.” – art director

What suggestions do you have for management?

“Listen to ideas from within and reward the idea people not management” – senior principal engineer

“Better business model and business decision, be aware of the competition and rethink the services – be really innovative” – data scientist

“Focus. Multiple times projects were taken up, only to be dropped…then picked up again, then summarily dropped…and picked up yet again. This is a waste of resources and money.” — problem analyst

“Innovate! And think outside the box. Yahoo needs to be a leader, and not following trends set by other companies.” –fulfillment manager