Yahoo Employee: The New York Post Is Full Of It, Marissa Mayer Has Given Us ALL Awesome New Laptops

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Earlier today, we found a story from the New York Post that said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer treats employees working on mobile products better than employees who don’t.

Th Post reported that employees working on mobile products are getting fancy new MacBooks while everyone else is stuck with a ThinkPad.

The Post also reported that mobile employees are getting fancy new offices, while others are stuck in old, drab grey offices.

A Yahoo employee tells us the Post is full of it.

This person writes:

Fun article. Alas, it’s total horses—. Every Yahoo got state of the art laptops and phones at Christmas/New Years. (I think BI reported on that, no?) Nobody has gotten an “out-dated Thinkpad” since Marissa arrived. When I joined late last year, I got a 2011 MacBook Pro as a temp unit till the new ones arrived, and had my choice of newest retina Air or 2012 MacBook, both with maxed RAM and SSD. PC users got their choice of a couple of current model HPs. No Thinkpads in sight for many many months.

As for nice floors and decorating, there are a few corners of some buildings that are experimenting with new cube designs, but they’re not limited to mobile teams, and once the designs are tested and teams are happy, the entire campus will be redecorated. (Cube designs haven’t changed for anyone since circa 2003.) They update the progress of that project every few weeks at the weekly all hands. 

Redecorating was raised as a project growing out of “PB&J” process, I’ve only seen two areas in Sunnyvale that have new lower-walled cubes for a more open floor plan. (Southeast corner of 5th Floor of Bldg D looks very much like Facebook or Zynga office styles that I’m familiar with.) But there’s a lot of concern among Yahoos about whether open plans negatively impact productivity (recent study said open floor plans generate more sick days, lower productivity etc).

So the most recent updates have only noted that the redecoration tests are continuing to see how people like them, but that they’ve not yet decided on a particular design.

People are tired of the ageing purple, yellow and grey but they’re weighing everyone’s feedback seriously before making sweeping changes, which I think is pretty awesome. 

We’d like to hear from more Yahoo employees about the situation. They can email me at [email protected]

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