Yahoo Employee: Scott Thompson Was ‘Very Impressive’ During His First All Hands

scott thompson

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Yahoo hired a new CEO last week, Paypal veteran Scott Thompson.After watching the new boss lead his first all-hands meeting, Gil Yehuda, Director of “Open” Technology and Strategy at Yahoo, is already very impressed.

He wrote all about it over on Quora.

When they announced Scott was going to have an “all-hands” meeting where he would introduce himself to the company, I was eager to attend. I’m a straight shooter, but no fool. If I was not impressed, I would have kept quiet about it. Honestly though, I was impressed.

He was very quick to the questions being posed to him, and picked up the subtle messages behind the questions too. He revealed some of his biases and thoughts — they were very reasoned, insightful, and impassioned. And he also came across as a very likable and charismatic person, but not a pushover at all. In fact, a pretty steadfast, in-the-trenches kind of guy. Everyone I spoke with agreed that he really made a great impression.

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