Now Marissa Mayer's Complaint About Yahoo's Hold Music Has Turned Into A Music Video

Marissa Mayer, filtered photo

Photo: Marissa Mayer in a Flickr-filtered photo

Right before launching into a fourth-quarter earnings call, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer—apparently not realising her mic was live—complained about the hold music to her team, calling it “garbage” and asking her team to “make a note” to fix it.Good news! A company called Jingle Punks has totally taken care of this situation already, writing custom hold music just for Yahoo.

We couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for Mayer’s vision of “a Web ordered up for you.”

Jingle Punks even hired one-hit wonder Snow, the Canadian rapper known for “Informer,” to perform the song.

The New York-based startup is a serious operation—it’s done music for NBC’s “The Voice” and the Academy Awards.

But this is just … wonderful.

The only thing it’s missing is the actual audio clip of Mayer criticising the hold music. We don’t know if anyone captured that moment—it’s not on Yahoo’s archived recording, obviously.

If Yahoo doesn’t use this as its hold music for its next quarterly call, we shall be sad.

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