Yahoo Considered Hiring Apple's Eddy Cue As CEO Before Choosing Marissa Mayer

During its hunt for a new CEO last year, the Yahoo board considered hiring one of Apple’s senior vice presidents, Eddy Cue, for the job,
according to Nicholas Carlson’s profile of current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

Cue is in charge of Internet software and services at Apple, so he would’ve been just the kind of talent Yahoo needed for a turnaround. Specifically, Cue is in charge of iTunes, Apple Maps, Siri, iCloud, and a bunch of other online services that Apple makes.

Cue’s division at Apple is arguably one of the weakest. While people may sing the praises of Apple’s hardware, its services like iCloud, Maps, and Siri are often criticised for being buggy or inaccurate.

Yahoo also considered hiring then-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, according to Carlson.

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