Yahoo Buys Mobile Video App Qwiki

Marissa MayerYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo has bought New York-based startup, Qwiki.

Qwiki is a video app that combines pictures and video to “tell a story”.

Yahoo says that it will continue to support Qwiki’s app and the team will move into Yahoo’s New York officies.

Here’s the full  Tumblr post from Yahoo:

We’re excited to announce that Yahoo! acquired Qwiki – a company that uses awesome  technology to bring together pictures, music and video to capture the art of storytelling.

Have you ever listened to an old song and all of a sudden a favourite vacation, concert, or summer memory pops into your mind?  The Qwiki app automatically turns pictures and videos that you already have on your iPhone into quick, beautiful movies to share, including transitions and a soundtrack.

Sharing a Qwiki is easy, whether you want to share your favourite moments from Coachella with your Facebook friends or celebrate the best moments from your sister’s wedding.

We will continue to support the Qwiki app, and the team will join Yahoo! in our New York city office to reimagine Yahoo!’s storytelling experience.  Stay tuned … there’s much more to come!  


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