Yahoo Board Member David Kenny Is Going To Be CEO Of The Weather Channel

david kenny

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Yahoo board member, and former Akamai president, David Kenny is going to be CEO and chairman of the Weather Channel companies.What’s interesting about this move to us: At the end of December there were murmurs Yahoo could end up owning the Weather Channel.

When Yahoo does its “cash rich split” to sell off its Alibaba stake it will have to acquire an operating business that’s worth at least 1/3 of the total new business being created.

One of the businesses that was under consideration for Yahoo to acquire was the Weather Channel. It’s a huge media property, with a strong mobile and digital presence. Plus, it’s owned by Bain Capital, Blackstone, and NBC. Those PE guys would love to dump it on Yahoo at the right price.

However, hiring Kenny as CEO would seem to suggest that Yahoo will not buy The Weather Channel. Why would Kenny take the job if he thought it would just end up as a division of Yahoo?

Here’s the press release.