Yahoo: Big In Buffalo, NY


In Western New York, Yahoo (YHOO) is the future.

There, the company plans to build a $150 million data centre in a town called Lockport on the outskirts Buffalo. Yahoo will get 15 megawatts of low-cost hydro-power and tax breaks.

The facility will employ a mere 125 people, but make no mistake, Yahoo’s arrival is a very big deal in the region.

Today’s Buffalo News story how the deal came together reads like a modern day re-telling of how FDR, Stalin and Churchill planned the downfall of Hitler at Yalta.

Interviews with key parties involved demonstrates the degree of collaboration and cooperation that was required, the level of sophistication and intricacy involved, and the demands placed on all parties.

It required juggling schedules, coordinating appointments, chauffeuring people, and balancing other priorities. At one point, for example, BNE had representatives from both Yahoo! and another company, code-named Project Barracuda, in its office to look at the same property on the same day.

In all, more than 100 people from 31 different entities in Western New York took part, sometimes with just a few days or even hours notice. “In the end, it was a real team approach. This very rarely happens in New York,” said Richard Kessel, president and CEO of the power authority. “The governor said get it done. We got it done.”

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