The Lawyer Who Handled Yahoo’s Giant $2.7 Billion Lawsuit In Mexico Is Gone

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We’re doing a lot of reporting on the $2.7 billion judgment against Yahoo in a lawsuit filed by a former partner on a yellow-pages project, Worldwide Directories, last week.For example, we just tried emailing the lawyer who represented Yahoo, Fabio Corominas de la Pera, a lawyer for Baker & McKenzie, a big, global law firm.

In trial documents Business Insider has reviewed, he’s listed as having filed a legal brief in the case for Yahoo on December 7, 2011.

Make that a former lawyer for Baker & McKenzie. We received an automatic message from his account saying he no longer worked there.

A colleague listed on the automatic reply, Salvador Fonseca-González, directed us to another lawyer with the firm, Alfonso Cortez-Fernandez, whom he said is “in charge of this matter.” Cortez-Fernandez has been with Baker & McKenzie for 16 years, according to his firm biography.

We couldn’t find Corominas de la Pera on Facebook or LinkedIn.

In an SEC filing, Yahoo characterised the judgment in the lawsuit as “nonfinal”—which simply means it can be appealed, which Yahoo plans on doing. A Yahoo spokesperson would not comment on the change in personnel at its Mexican law firm.

A plaintiff in the case, Carlos Bazan-Canabal, has hired Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, another large law firm. He says that Yahoo’s damages in the case could exceed $2.7 billion.