Yahoo Is Bidding $600-$800 Million For Hulu

Marissa MayerYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

We no know how much Yahoo is offering for video site Hulu.

Kara Swisher of All Things D reports Yahoo bid $600-$800 million, with the price variance the result of what Yahoo gets in terms of content deals from Hulu’s parents.

Hulu is owned by ABC, Comcast, and News Corp. Those companies provide a lot of the content that runs on Hulu.

Without long-term deals to keep that content on Hulu, the site is worth very little.

Hulu has been up for sale many times through the years. The last time it drew serious interest was in 2011. At that point, Yahoo, under different management, went after Hulu.

Back then, Yahoo was willing to pay $2 billion for Hulu if it included the right sort of deals for the content.

Other bidders interested in Hulu include KKR, Silver Lake, Time Warner Cable, the Chernin Group, and Guggenheim Digital.

Swisher’s sources says Hulu’s parent companies will reject any bid that’s under $1 billion, so one of these groups will have to up their offer if they’re serious about Hulu.

Last fall, Hulu’s parent companies bought out early investors and employees at a $2 billion valuation. So, selling for anything less than that is going to look somewhat bad.

But, from their perspective, they can offload Hulu, and then get money coming in on an annual basis for content deals.

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