Yachting Tycoon One Of Victims Of Mumbai Attacks

The terrorists that attacked Mumbai on Wednesday night targeted luxury hotels, so it’s not surprising that a boldfaced name is among those killed.

Yachting tycoon and entrepreneur, Andreas Liveras, was among those killed in the attacks on the Taj Mahal Palace, where he was trapped. He was reportedly in town for a boat show. His rags to riches story follows.

WSJ’s Wealth Report blog: After immigrating to London in 1963, he took a job of as a deliveryman for a small bakery called Fleur De Lys bakery, which operated from a Kensington basement.

When the owner decided to close, Mr. Liveras bought the business and moved it to the Newark in Nottinghamshire, which was struggling with unemployment and offered incentives for Mr. Liveras to set up a cake factory. He quickly turned the business into one of the largest, independent makers of frozen gateaux in Europe.

He sold the business in 1985 to Express Dairies (a Grand Metropolitan company) and used the proceeds to expand into yachts. He had been a boat lover for years, starting with a 100-foot motor yacht and gradually moving up in length to the 296-foot “Lauren L.” He turned the passion into a business by launching Liveras Yachts, a charter company that offers Lauren and a 280-footer named Alysia for charter.

The two ships are among the most expensive charters in the world, with Lauren chartering for €110,000 per day (yes, per day) or €770,000 per week, not including expenses for food, drinks or fuel. Alysia goes for €99,500 per day or €696,500 per week, not including expenses.

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