YACHT OF THE WEEK: This Massive Sailing Yacht Can Take Over 40 Of Your Friends On A High Seas Adventure

Running on Waves Yacht of the Week 5/17

Photo: via Boat International

The 210-foot super yacht Running on Waves is now available to a lucky buyer with $42 million to spare.Instead of being another massive motor yacht, Running on Waves is a modern yacht that tips her hat to the past.

While she has modern powerplants and tech on-board, the design is that of a classic clipper ship.

She was built in 2011, but people will think that you are sailing something a good bit older.

The massive ship can fit 45 guests and has room for an additional 19 crewmembers.

via Boat International

From a distance, the Running on Waves looks like a ship Jack Sparrow might be at home on.

She cuts an imposing profile.

At the stern, a swim platform comes down to take the fun to the water.

A view from on top of the sales shows the ample, and minimalist, deck space.

The hot tub is one of the tips that this isn't exactly an old ship.

The decks seem like a good place to go for a nice frolic.

Below the bridge, there is a bar with bright pink lighting. Interesting choice.

This room on a lower deck almost seems like a modern club. And just take a look at the size of that screen.

The staterooms are much more subdued.

If you told us the ship was built in the 1930s, the staterooms would make us believe you.

This smaller, cozier room is still a relaxing place to sleep on the water.

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