YACHT OF THE WEEK: This $49 Million Yacht With A Garage Is The Perfect Way To Explore The High Seas

Yacht of the Week 6/1

Photo: via Boat International

All yachts come with a name that has some great significance to the first owner.In the case of the $49 million Mi Sueño, which means “my dream” in Spanish, it seems that the name represents the fulfillment of a lifelong desire.

And what a dream the owner had.

At 190-feet long, Mi Sueño is able to hold all sorts of modern conveniences. She can even accommodate a brief helicopter landing.

With room for 12 guests and 11 crew members, Mi Sueño can take you and your closest friends on an epic nautical adventure.

via Boat International

She was completed in 2010. And yes, that is a helicopter on the stern.

As far as we know, the helicopter is not included with the sale.

The jacuzzi and the surrounding teak decking looks very inviting.

We wouldn't mind having dinner here at all.

It seems that a number of yachts are now incorporating a more formal dining area on a lower stern deck.

But lets go into the lower decks.

We're not sure about the need for the giant horns, but we have to admit they are kind of cool.

We aren't so sure about the chairs, but the couch looks incredibly comfortable.

After dinner, this deck looks like the ideal place to relax.

And if the weather is a little worse for wear, maybe hang out down here.

She even comes with an exercise room and personalised towels!

These marble floors are a little too bold for our tastes.

The master suite is pretty incredible.

Couches, beds, steps...it has everything.

Once again, bathroom design on a yacht has reached new heights.

Just look at the marble.

Normal standup showers are small, but this one looks larger than some of our bedrooms.

The smaller staterooms are each cozy and nice places to spend some time.

The bridge looks to be state of the art.

Take a look in the garage, and there's yet another large boat to ride around in. Must be nice.

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