YACHT OF THE WEEK: This 281-Foot, $215 Million Yacht Is The Perfect Billionaire's Toy

Yacht of the Week 4/26

Photo: via Boat International

After bringing you the news that the 281-foot megayacht Cakewalk was listed for sale nearly one year ago, it still hasn’t been picked up by a lucky new owner.At the time, the yacht was listed for $215 million. Obviously, that is a steep price for anyone, even a billionaire, to pay. But Cakewalk, which was commissioned by private equity king Charles Gallagher, is certainly worth it.

With four decks, room for 14 guests and 26 crew members, along with a huge range, Cakewalk is the perfect yacht for a travelling member of the super rich.

The price on the current listing has been removed, which makes us think there may be some room for negotiation in the price.

(via Boat International)

Viewed alone, the sheer size of Cakewalk is not readily apparent.

But look from above, and the four separate decks come into view.

That's when you realise that this ship is truly something special.

The upper decks are unbelievably luxurious and comfortable.

After a long day relaxing on the yacht, there is no better way to further unwind than by lounging in the hot tub.

If you aren't interested in the hot tub, some time on the lower teak decks should be sufficient.

This deck is the perfect place to host a relaxed outdoor dinner.

We aren't too sure about the carpet inside, but that should be easy enough to change.

This sitting area feels a bit more old fashioned, like somewhere a retiree would feel comfortable.

Looks like a nice place to read a book on a rainy day.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a fireplace and a grand piano.

We like the old world feel of this dining area.

This entryway and staircase is amazingly grand.

Finally, the bathroom looks larger than most apartments we have seen.

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