YACHT OF THE WEEK: This 240-Foot Yacht Is The Perfect Way To Go On Vacation With 30 Friends

Yacht of the Week 4/12

Photo: via Boat International

If you buy a 130-foot yacht, one complaint may be that there is only enough room for 15 additional guests.Luckily, the buyer of the 240-foot RM Elegant won’t have to worry about that, as it can fit 30 people in supreme comfort.

With 14 total staterooms, this is more like a cruise ship than a personal yacht. The three waverunners will keep passengers entertained, while the 4,500 horsepower will get your guests where they want to go in no time.

This beautiful ship was completed in 2005. If you have to ask how much it is, you definitely cannot afford it.

(via Boat International)

RM Elegant's name is certainly reflected in her exterior design. Flowing lines and a clean, white colour really make this ship stand out.

The outside decks are perfect for entertaining.

At the end of a long day, Champagne in the hot tub sounds like a great idea.

One you're inside, RM Elegant is quite the relaxing ship.

Neutral tones and some really great looking woods abound throughout the interior.

This dining room is nearly fit for a small wedding reception.

The master stateroom looks like it has a simply awesome view.

As well as an audacious ensuite bathroom. Look at all that marble.

The brown colour scheme of this stateroom is a nice contrast to the other rooms onboard.

If we were invited, we'd be happy to spend some time on this ship.

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