YACHT OF THE WEEK: This $17 Million, 155 Foot Yacht Has Truly Unbelievable Bathrooms

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Photo: superyachts.com

The superyacht Ellix Too has been made available for sale for just $17.2 million (Edmiston via superyachts.com).This luxury masterpiece has room for 12 guests in six staterooms and additional quarters where nine crew members can take a load off. All of this opulence is held on four separate decks.

Ellix Too was built in 2004 and then totally refitted in 2011, making her one of the newest luxury ships at any marina.

One very cool feature is a modern stabilisation system. This stops the ship from rolling and swaying, making for an extraordinarily smooth journey. It should also help reduce seasickness.

On board, there are jet skis to keep the fun going even when passengers aren’t onboard.

Her good looks are comprised of steel and aluminium and was penned by noted designer Walter Franchini.

Of all the features on yachts, we find ourselves constantly amazed at the opulence of the bathrooms. This vessel is no exception.

From the outside, Ellix Too cuts a great profile through the water.

With almost 5,000 horsepower, this is a view other yachters may frequently see.

Every deck on Ellix Too just looks gorgeous.

We think a nice cocktail and the sunset accompanied by some smooth music would be a welcome combination up here.

This upper deck hot tub is probably a great place to relax even more than you already are.

Formal dinner on the stern of the ship? Yes, please.

This dining area appears to be arranged so competing parties will not have to interact with each other.

Heading below, the sitting areas take on an art-deco air.

We would love to watch a movie here.

The staterooms each appear to have a different theme. This one is very light and airy.

This cozier room has some artistic touches and darker wood on the walls.

Finally, this stateroom makes heavy use of recessed lighting to add a lot of accents. We really like the illumination on the ceiling.

But now we come to the best part, the bathrooms. The stone and wood intermingle to create a truly first class setting.

What amazes us is that we rarely, if ever, see this sort of luxury on land.

Another bathroom has different marble, a huge tub, retractable shade, and what appear to be glass sinks. Just incredible.

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